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Relyance Bank Donates Funds to HSSD
Relyance Bank is generously donating $2,400 toward the purchase of playground equipment at the site of the new Langston Magnet School on Silver Street. Upon completion, the facility will offer 75,000 square feet of state-of-the-art space for Pre-K - 6th grade students.
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HSSD Holiday Performance Lineup
The HSSD is a diverse community of student groups, talents, and organizations. We look forward to each holiday performance and event throughout December. Don’t miss a thing, with an all-inclusive HSSD Holiday lineup, below. All events hosted at HSSD schools, as well as the Holiday Extravaganza on 12/6, are free to the public and open to all.
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Langston Sumdog Math Contest Champs
In a Sumdog Math Contest from Oct 26 - Nov 1, Langston 4th grade students in Mrs. Jamie Limbaugh’s class won first place as a class overall during one day of questions, had six students finish among the top 10 in the competition overall, and had the 1st place finisher (BIG congrats to Trenton Moore!) for the most questions answered overall. In total, 206 students played in this area and answered 43,000 math questions. Sumdog is an online learning service that offers engaging game-based student learning opportunities on computers and tablets for math, reading, and writing skills.
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Langston Art Teacher Presents Black Glue and You
Langston Art Teacher Mrs. Debbie Shelman was invited to present “Black Glue and You” at the Arkansas Art Educators Fall Conference. Black Glue is a glossy art material that creates a unique effect when mixed with bright colors because it separates shapes and images to add dimension. Art educators were provided with examples of black glue artwork completed by HSSD Langston students and received handouts, resources, website links, and more for choosing age appropriate projects for working with the material.
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Principal's Message


Greetings Langston Family
Welcome back to a great new year. We are very excited for all the things getting ready to happen here at  Langston this year. We are moving forward with finalizing a new magnet theme to launch in the 2019-2020 school year. We will announce that theme later in the year. For now, we will be embracing a public service and environmental focus as we build our lessons and instruction. Our first focus area is Community Awareness.  Students will be learning about many of the components that define a community. In September, we will host a parent event for the students to demonstrate their collective understanding of community. 

We are also studying the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Kids. This is a great leadership and personal growth model with activities for all grade levels. We will be starting with the first habit, “Be Proactive.”  
Langston is in a recess pilot program this year with the state department. Students will have an additional 30 minutes of recess each day and students and teachers already love this. 
We are thrilled with the progress of our new building and we are looking forward to its completion in the spring of 2019. This poses some challenges with dropping off and picking up students and we have made some  adjustments that we think will improve our traffic flow. We will flip our early bus and car locations in the  afternoon only.  
Please like our Facebook page. We are going to work hard this year to post information about upcoming events and happenings in and around Langston. 
As always, my office is open if you have any questions or concerns. Go TROJANS!  
Thank you!        Eileen Ellars, Principal